>Colloquium on "Quantum Science Technology (QST-Colloquium)"

From Quantum Physics to Quantum Information


Abstract: In this colloquium, I will introduce quantum physics for non-  experts, and discuss how the fundamental aspects of quantum theory lead to a new type of   information, offering us faster computations, as well as the most secure communications and the   most precise measurements currently allowed by the laws of physics.

Yasser Omar (IT & IST, University of Lisbon)


Bio: Yasser Omar (PhD, UOxford) is the founder and leader of the Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group, at IT & IST, University of Lisbon. His research interests focus on the theory of quantum computing, quantum networks, quantum thermodynamics, and quantum sensors. He has published 40+ scientific articles and has co-edited the book Quantum Effects in Biology published by Cambridge University Press. Since the founding of his group in 2013, he has won 7 European and one American research projects in the field of Quantum Technologies, including the Quantum Internet Alliance, as well as QuantHEP – Quantum Computing Solutions for High-Energy Physics, which he coordinates. In 2019, he founded the QuTe Lab – Quantum Technologies Laboratory, where free-space quantum communications were demonstrated for the first time in Portugal, and where the first Portuguese quantum nanosatellite is currently being developed. He is also the founder and director of the Doctoral Programme in the Physics and Mathematics of Information, and the founder and coordinator of the recently-created Minor in Quantum Science and Technologies, both at the University of Lisbon. He has had a leading role in the definition of public policies and strategies on Quantum Technologies both at national & European level, and recently launched the World Quantum Day, with colleagues from 60+ countries, in all continents.